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Inaugural York Biomedical Research Institute conference

Posted on 4 December 2018

York Biomedical Research Institute (YBRI) officially launched on Tuesday 4 December 2018 by highlighting some of the excellent biomedical research happening at York to an audience of over 120.

Speakers covered the breadth of activity across the three YBRI themes: Neuroscience, Immunology, Haematology and Infection, and Molecular and Cellular Medicine.


The conference agenda covered:

14.00  Welcome: Professor Deborah Smith, Pro-Vice Chancellor for Research

14.20  Theme one - Neuroscience: Flash talks followed by a panel Q&A session

  • Aidan Horner: Memory, emotion and sleep: links to depression and dementia

  • Heidi Baseler: Visual Neuroscience in health and disease

  • Han-Jou Chen: Mechanisms and therapeutic opportunity in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia

15.00  Theme two - Molecular and Cellular Medicine: Flash talks followed by a panel Q&A session

  • Dawn Coverley: Understanding and exploiting CIZ1 biology for cancer therapy

  • Lianne Willems: Chemical biology approaches to study carbohydrate-active enzymes and their roles in human disease

  • Mark Leake: Next generation challenges in biomedical physics

  • Chris MacDonald: Using yeast to uncover novel mechanisms that regulate cell surface membrane proteins.

15.40  Coffee break

16.00  Theme three - Immunology, Haematology and Infection: Flash talks followed by a panel Q&A session

  • David Kent: Charting the cellular and molecular journey of single stem cells in ageing and cancer

  • Eve Roman: The Haematological Malignancy Research Network: an information strategy for population-based biomedical research at York

  • Paul Kaye: Where next for leishmaniasis at York?

  • Dimitris Lagos: The immune non-coding transcriptome: A treasure trove of therapies?

16.40  Closing remarks: Professor Jeremy Mottram, YBRI Director

17.00 - 18.00  Wine and cheese reception

The afternoon provided a fantastic opportunity to meet other researchers interested in the biomedical field and ask questions of the Director (Professor Jeremy Mottram) and Theme Leaders (Professor Anthony Morland, Professor Ian Hitchcock and Professor Jenny Southgate).