Trypanosomes: Discovery science, translation and new tools

  • Date and time: Friday 24 January 2020, 1pm
  • Location: Dianna Bowles Lecture Theatre B/K/018
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Mike will discuss recent work on unusual features of protein glycosylation in Trypanosoma brucei including: how they use two parallel pathways of N-glycosylation, how they make nucleotide sugars in their peroxisomes and transport them into the cytoplasm and how they contain essential glycosyltransferases in their mitochondria. He will also briefly review progress by the Wellcome Centre for Anti-Infectives Research (WCAIR) to deliver new candidate medicines for parasitic diseases and develop drug mode-of-action tools. The latter include methods using quantitative proteomics, which has also been applied to proteome-wide studies on protein complexes, protein half-lives and protein expression accross the cell-cycle.

Professor Sir Michael Ferguson, University of Dundee


Jeremy Mottram