The Cancer Research Unit, Department of Biology,
University of York,
York. YO10 5DD. UK.

Tel: +44 (0) 1904 328711
Fax: +44 (0) 1904 328710



The Cancer Research Unit

Current Personnel and Contact Details

For direct dialling dial +44-1904-32, followed by the appropriate extension number:-

Research Staff

Professor Norman J Maitland - Director of The Cancer Research Unit and Professor of Molecular Biology Ext: 8700

Dr Anne Collins is a Senior Research Associate studying the role of stem cells in prostate cancer. Ext: 8707

Dr Fiona Frame is a Postdoctoral Researcher studying the irradiation-induced DNA damage response in prostate cancer stem cells. Ext: 8708

Dr Rob Seed is a Postdoctoral research associate who is investigating the molecular function of the stem cell control genes LXN and RR1 in prostate cancer. Ext 8707

Dr Dominika Butler is a Postdoctoral Researcher testing novel anti-cancer therapeutics for the treatment of prostate cancer.  Ext 8708

Dr Amanda Noble is a postdoctoral researcher studying the role of Phospholipase D in prostate cancer and its potential as a therapeutic target. Ext 8708

Support Staff

Michelle Scaife is secretary to Professor Maitland and also looks after the administrative needs of the Unit. Ext: 8711 (Office Hours - Mon 9.30-5.00 pm, Tues 8.30-2.50 pm, Thurs 9.30 am-2.50 pm and Fri 9.30 am-2.50 pm)

Hannah Walker is a full-time Senior Research Technician. Ext: 8721

Li Xiang is a part time Laboratory Assistant Ext: 8721


Alberto Taurozzi is a graduate student studying the deregulation of stem cell maintenance mechanisms that occurs in prostate cancer. Ext: 8701

Adam Hirst is a joint graduate student with the York Plasma Institute studying the effects of low termperature plasmas on prostate cancer. Ext: 8701

John Packer is a graduate student investigating monoallelic expression of genes that are critical in prostate cancer initiation and development. Ext: 8701

Leanne Archer is a graduate student investigating the role of the ELF3 transcription factor in prostate cancer. Ext: 8701


The Cancer Research Unit draws its research funding from a number of sources both local, National and International.

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