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The Cancer Research Unit

About Prof Norman J Maitland

Norman J Maitland has held, since 1991, the Chair of Molecular Biology at the University of York, UK, where he is also Director of the Cancer Research Unit, and holds an honorary chair in the Hull-York Medical School.   He gained a First Class Honours degree in Biochemistry from the University of Glasgow and holds a PhD in Cancer Studies from the University of Birmingham.  After research training as a Robertson Research Fellow at Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (USA) and the University of Edinburgh (UK) Dr Maitland was appointed to the first UK Lectureship in Molecular Pathology at the University of Bristol to apply molecular genetics for the analysis of primary clinical material from oral and paediatric embryonal tumours.  He remained in Bristol until 1991, until his appointment to his current post.

Research in the Unit, funded by Prostate Cancer UK, Yorkshire Cancer Research, Charity Soul and other Charitable foundations is currently focused on the development of new therapies for human prostate cancer, based on a better understanding of the basic biology of the tumour.  The research includes a particular emphasis on the biology of and gene expression patterns in prostate stem cells, multicellular models of prostate cancers and gene transfer vectors to direct gene expression specifically to tumour cells. 

In 2009, Prof Maitland was awarded the EAU Chopin Prize for excellence in prostate cancer translational research.

From 2001-2011 he served as Chief Scientific Office of Procure Therapeutics Ltd - the University spin-out company he founded to exploit commercial opportunities arising from the research in the Unit.

The Cancer Research Unit draws its research funding from a number of sources both local, National and International.

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