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Biochemistry degree programmes

The Biochemistry degree programmes offer students a flexible and broad-based approach to the study of the biochemical sciences, ranging from studies in synthetic chemistry and spectroscopy through to cell biology and the biochemistry of diseases such as malaria and cancer.

The interdepartmental nature of the degree means that you are able to tailor your studies towards the aspects of biochemistry in which you are most interested.  Students who graduate from biochemistry benefit from having a truly interdisciplinary approach to science, and an excellent basis for specialisation in an academic or industrial environment after their degree. Biochemistry can be taken as a three-year programme, or as four-year programme with either a year in industry or a year in Europe.

Graduates from the Biochemistry course at from York emerge well-equipped to begin careers in for a wide range of science or health-related areas, and also for other occupations and professions, including management and finance, journalism and teaching. Some students also use the Biochemistry degree as a basis for going on to study medicine.

Biochemistry BSc degree programme UCAS codes

Biochemistry 3-year degree programme C700 BSc/Bioch
Biochemistry 4-year degree programme with a year in industry C705 BSc/Bioch4
Biochemistry 4-year degree programme with a year in Europe C701 BSc/Bioch