Year abroad

Four-year degree programmes with a year in Europe

We offer four-year programmes with the opportunity to spend the third year of your degree in a non-UK European country. These programmes are overseen by academic co-ordinators with relevant expertise and experience, and financial support is available from the European Union’s Erasmus+ scheme. Students from any nationality are eligible to apply. Read more.

As well as continuing to develop your scientific knowledge and skills, you would have the opportunity to live in another country for a year, experiencing a different culture, improving your language abilities and gaining self-confidence - all advantageous when you apply for jobs, as international mobility is greatly valued.

There are two schemes to choose from:

Study placements

Our study placement exchange scheme offers you the opportunity to spend your third year studying at one of our partner universities, currently in France (Grenoble and Strasbourg), Germany (Jena), Spain (Valencia and Madrid) and Denmark (Aarhus). During your year abroad, you take a range of courses and carry out a project to complement your studies at York.

Increasingly our partner Universities are offering more courses in English. This means that we no longer define language pre-requisites for studying in France, Germany or Denmark where some or all of the courses are available in English. Note, that the range of courses available will depend on your language abilities. We strongly encourage students who wish to study in these countries to have some relevant language training even if they plan to take all of their modules in English. We require a minimum equivalent of AS/A-level Spanish for studying in Valencia or Madrid. All students enrolled on the Year in Europe will have access to free language classes via the University Language Centre.

Laboratory placements

As an alternative to a study placement, you can elect for a full-time laboratory placement during your third year, working on a research project in an internationally renowned European laboratory, either in a university or in a research organisation. This scheme is independent of any bilateral exchange agreements, so there will be a wide choice of country and institution available. Since English is the accepted working language in these laboratories, familiarity with the language of the host country is not a prerequisite.

Studying in North America, Asia or Australia

Pip at UWA Pip, Biomedical Sciences Y2 student, at the University of Western Australia

If you are interested in spending some time overseas during your degree, the University offers opportunities to participate in exchange programmes outside Europe. It may be possible for you to spend a year studying in the United States, Canada, Asia or Australia. Currently, there are exchange schemes with the following partner universities:

You would make an application during your first year at York, and if successful you would spend your second year at your host university. Arrangements are made to transfer assessment marks for the second year to York, and you would graduate from York after three years. Read more.