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Biochemistry programmes

What is it that makes chemical compounds come together to form living organisms? The answer to this question is found within the discipline of Biochemistry, which sits at the boundary between the physical sciences, that deal with how matter is organised, and the life sciences, that are concerned with the properties and behaviour of living things.

As well as dealing with the fundamental physical nature of life itself, biochemistry has a vital part to play in dealing with many current critical issues such as human health and disease, the growth of biotechnology, and feeding the world’s growing population.

Technological advances in DNA sequencing have provided unprecedented amounts of data about biological systems in the form of the complete genome sequences of humans and many other organisms. It is through Biochemistry that we can translate these data into a better understanding of how living systems work, and hence design better drugs to deal with disease and optimise biotechnological processes.

This is a particularly exciting time to study biochemistry and as the demand for biochemists continues to rise, job prospects in the field are excellent.

Dr Set Chong & Dr Gideon Grogan, Biochemistry Admissions Tutors

Our programmes

We offer honours degree programmes in Biochemistry that can be taken as three-year programme, or as four-year programmes with a year in industry or a year in Europe. All programmes have a common first year, which means that there is a high degree of flexibility in interchanging between them – ideal if you are not yet sure what area of the subject interests you most, or whether you wish to spend a year in industry or abroad.

  • BSc in Biochemistry

Biochemistry Degree Programme

Our Biochemistry degree is a flexible broad-based programme, spanning the breadth of contemporary biochemistry. After studying core topics in Years 1 and 2, the final year allows you to tailor your studies towards the aspects of biochemistry in which you are most interested, including a choice of options from both the Chemistry and Biology departments.

Year in Industry

Four-year degree with a year in industry involves spending the third year gaining research experience in an industrial or research institute laboratory. Taking a year out in industry has many benefits, including hands-on experience of working in a research environment, and more generic skills, such as teamwork and time management – something that is highly prized by prospective employers and PhD supervisors.

Year in Europe

We also offer four-year programme with a year in Europe which gives you with the opportunity to spend the third year of your degree in a non-UK European country. There are two schemes to choose from:

  • Study placements offer you the opportunity to spend your third year studying at one of our partner universities in France, Germany, Spain or Denmark.
  • Laboratory placements offer you a full-time laboratory placement working on a research project in an internationally renowned European laboratory.

Studying in North America, Asia or Australia

The University offers opportunities to participate in exchange programmes outside Europe. Currently there are exchange schemes with The University of California, Columbia University (New York), University of Illinois, University of Pennsylvania, York University (Ontario, Canada), University of Hong Kong, National University of Singapore and the University of Sydney.