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Post-translational modifications service

Mass spectrometry is the central technology for identifying, mapping, and quantifying the hundreds of known post-translational modifications of proteins (ref, ref).  PTMs can be studied both on single proteins, often without prior purification, or at the proteome level.  We are especially knowledgeable about glycosylation having decades of collective experience in the field.  Proteolytic cleavage, expected or otherwise, and disulphide bond formation can also be characterised, both of which can be important in quality control.

We offer the following services:

  • Top-down sequencing by FT-ICR-MS
  • T3 sequencing by ISD
  • N- and C-terminal verification
  • Phosphorylation site analysis
  • Glycosylation - site analysis and glycan structure
  • Other PTMs on request

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