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Proteomics & Biological Mass Spectrometry Services

  • Proteomics
    • Identify hundreds to thousands of proteins in cells, tissues, subcellular fractions, pull-downs, etc.
    • Measure fold changes in protein expression in multiple treatments or time points in one experiment
  • Protein identification and sequencing
    • Identify a single protein in an SDS-PAGE band of 2D gel spot
    • Determine the amino acid sequence of unknown peptides and proteins
  • Post-translational modifications
    • Identify and locate PTMs in one or thousands of proteins
    • Determine or confirm the primary structure of a protein, including sequence and covalent modifications – protein QC
  • Carbohydrates  and glycomics
    • Determine sugar composition and structure of oligo- and polysaccharides
    • Profile glycoprotein glycans in cells and tissues
  • Metabolomics and small molecules
    • Identify and quantify small molecules
    • Profile large numbers of metabolites

Please see our Case Studies for examples of how these services could help your research and our General Terms and Conditions of Contract Services-Jan16.pdf (PDF , 137kb).

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