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Bioscience Technology Insight Day

Do you need a refresher course on the latest bioscience research technologies?

Are you starting a research project and need to understand what platform technologies are available
 and how they really work?

Then take an Insight into

Bioscience Technology

one-day course
Next date 2021 TBC
Department of Biology, University of York

A unique, one day overview of the latest techniques and technologies for:

  • Cell structure, function and dynamics by microscopy and flow cytometry
    • imaging using confocal microscopy, electron microscopy and flow cytometry and how they work together
  • Genomic Technologies and Bioinformatics
    • DNA/RNA analysis, genotyping, gene expression analysis, real-time (Q)PCR and next generation sequencing
  • Metabolomics & Proteomics
    • mass spectrometry-based approaches to the identification and quantification of proteins
  • Protein overexpression, fermentation and purification
    • recombinant-DNA cloning approaches, expression strategies to fermentation scale and protein purification techniques
  • Protein properties and interactions
    • a range of biophysical techniques to determine protein shape, form and function

Course cost is:

(including refreshments, lunch, course booklet and CPD certificate)

  • Employees from Higher Education Institutions/ schools: £130
  • Technical staff from Higher Education Institutions: (in collaboration with the Leadership Foundation) £99
  • Registered PhD students: £99
  • Other organisations: £150


Please email to for further information


This year we are planning a mini-exhibition from companies associated with the technologies covered during the course. This will be open to both course delegates and to the rest of the Department of Biology. For further information and to book one of the limited number of exhibition stands, contact Marie Hughes

Enquiries Marie Hughes:  or (01904 328821)