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Slide Scanner


The Zeiss AxioScan.Z1 slide scanner digitally captures large sample areas, even whole slides, and creates virtual slides comprised of high-resolution tiles. This is used for automated digitisation of large numbers of brightfield or multi-channel fluorescent samples (upto 100 slides at any one time) with high-image resolution. Virtual slides can be analysed using the Zeiss ZEN slide scan software or Tissue Gnostic software.



 ‌Zeiss AxioScan.Z1 slide scanner (B/K026)

  • Fully automated slide scanner
  • Transmitted light LED for brightfield imaging
  • Reflected light LED - Colibri (365, 470, 555 and 625nm excitation) for fluorescence imaging
  • Fluar 2.5x/0.12 objective for overview image
  • Plan Apochromat 20x/0.8 objective for high-resolution imaging
  • Hitachi HV-F202FCL camera (brightfield)
  • Hamamatsu Orca Flash 4 camera (fluorescence)
  • Zeiss ZEN slide scan software


Slide scanner

 Zeiss AxioScan.Z1 slide scanner

 Fluorescent spleen image taken using the AxioScan.Z1

Fluorescence image of spleen section highlighting the vascular system (green) and macrophages (white). Image courtesy of Jane Dalton.




Brightfield image of skin stained with Mallory's trichrome.

Contact: Peter O'Toole or Jo Marrison