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Analysis software packages

We have a range of off-line analysis packages for image analysis and flow data analysis.


Image Analysis

PerkinElmer Volocity (Server access, please ask a member of I & C to register you)

  • Volocity Visualisation - Interactive volume rendering of 3D datasets. 

  • Volocity Restoration - Deconvolution

  • Volocity Quantitation - Interactive segmentation and measurement of intensity, size, shape, volume and more, fluorescence localisation and colocalisation.


TissueGnositcs (PC dongle)

  • TissueQuest - FACS-like analysis of fluorescent images

  • HistoQuest -  FACS-like analysis of brightfield images

Volocity Visualisation
Orthogonal views and 3-D reconstruction of an embryonic arabidopsis thaliana root
3D reconstruction of an embryonic Arabidopsis
root tip.

Orthogonal views (top left), XZ (top right),
XY (bottom left) and rendered surface
(bottom left)

Flow Analysis

Beckman Coulter Kaluza (Server access, please ask a member of I & C to register you)

  • Innovative tree and radar plot types
  • High content capability (upto 10 million events/sample)
  • Multicolour compensation


Tree Star FlowJo (PC dongle)

  • Cell cycle analysis
  • Proliferation analysis
  • Multicolour compensation