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The JEOL ClairScope

The Imaging and Cytometry Laboratory is exploring uses of a JEOL JASM-6200 ClairScope atmospheric scanning electron microscope, enabling SEM observation of specimens at normal atmospheric pressure.

The JEOL ClairScope is the first commercially available dual light microscope and electron microscope. Samples are presented on a unique petri dish with an integral silicon nitride (SiN) membrane. Real-time fluorescence imaging of live samples grown or mounted on the petri dish is achieved using an upright Olympus Microscope. The sample can then be fixed and stained in situ for simple and accurate correlated imaging through the SiN membrane using the JEOL inverted SEM.

Jeol Clairscope

External researchers whose project may benefit from this novel approach should contact
Dr. Peter O'Toole (Tel: +44(0)1904 328722) or Dr. Ian Morrison (Tel: +44(0)1904 328720).

We are investigating a number of chemical and biological applications to learn how best to use this innovative instrument, and optimise the EM staining.

  • SEM of Hydrogel (20000x) stained with uranyl acetate (3% 90min)

    Meg Stark (TF Biology), Dan Welsh and David Smith (Chemistry)

SEM of Hydrogel

  • Muscle fibres
    Fluorescence image: GFP-myosin (green) & phalloidin-actin (red). SEM images at 2500x and 25000x, after platinum blue staining

    Kevin Leonard & John Sparrow (Biology)

Muscle fibres 

A549 lung carcinoma cells: Fluorescence: lipid raft marker, Cholera toxin b-Alexa488 SEM (2500x) of lamella of left cell after Pt blue staining

Ian Morrison (TF Biology)

A549 Lung carcinoma cells