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Nanopore Sequencing

The Genomics lab is now a certified service provider for the Oxford Nanopore Technologies' PromethION system.  This enables us to offer nanopore sequencing as a commercial service, and gives potential customers confidence in the quality of service they will receive.

Both the PromethION and MinION systems are now well established in the lab, and the longer reads that nanopore sequencing can produce have revolutionised the analysis of genomes by allowing us to sequence and assemble those parts of the genome, such as longer repeat sequences, that are intractable using short-read technologies.

These systems, which we have been using for several years, have enabled us to assemble many complete bacterial genomes, and we are now routinely producing telomere-to-telomore assemblies of small to medium sized eukayotic genomes. The higher throughput of the PromethION system opens the possibility of complete, contiguous, chromosome-sized assemblies of much larger genomes and enables the rapid characterisation of structural variations within and between populations.  These technologies do not rely on PCR amplification, instead working on the native DNA, and so information about base modification can be obtained at the same time as the sequence, without any additional work.

As well as becoming essential for genomic sequencing, full-length cDNA can be sequenced to generate reference transcriptomes of novel species and to provide insights into alternative splicing.  The same technology can also be used to sequence native RNA directly.

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