Python Programming 23-24 August 2017

Wednesday 23 August 2017, 9.30AM to Thur 24 Aug 2017

Speaker: Dr Peter Ashton

This is a two day course aimed at getting those without previous programming experience to have enough confidence to start writing small scripts for doing routine data analysis tasks.  The course beings with an introduction to the Python language covering the main data types and the Python statements that can be used to manipulate them.  From there, we progress to reading and writing files and displaying graphs and charts.  The course is geared towards data analysis, but there will be time in the last session to explore how more specific problems (such as sequence analysis, manipulation of geospatial data, image handling or web programming) can be tackled in Python.

To apply for this course please download  Reg_Form_Jan17 (MS Word  , 26kb) and email to

Any queries about the course content, please contact Dr Peter Ashton.


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Location: University of York