Gene Expression Technology Course 20 & 21 September 2017

Wednesday 20 September 2017, 9.15AM to 21 Sept 2017

Speaker: Dr Peter Ashton

Gene expression technologies are central to a wide range of biological research projects, from medical research, such as looking at effects of drug candidates at the molecular level or understanding the cellular changes during cancer development, through to ecological work, such as measuring the changes in complex microbial communities under different environmental stresses.  This two-day course covers the three dominant technologies that are used to measure gene expression: microarrays, RNASeq and qPCR.  For each technology, the principles of the technique are described followed by the details of the implementation.  

The data produced by each methodology is described, and the steps required to go from raw data to reliable measures of differential gene expression are demonstrated.  In addition, an outline of the preparation of samples is described, along with the quality control steps necessary to ensure that these technologies can produce reliable results.

Course Outline: 

-          Preparation of RNA Samples

-          qPCR Methods and Data Analysis

-          Microarrays

-          High Throughput Sequencing and RNASeq

-          Data Analysis for RNAseq and Microarray Data


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Location: Biology Department