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The Bioinformatics Laboratory

Bioinformatics support and software

  • Expertise and advice on:
    • Statistical data analysis
    • Bioinformatics techniques and tools
    • Sequence analysis
    • Development of programs for specific data analysis tasks
    • Web databases for large datasets
  • Software for:
    • Large-scale sequence analysis and genomic database construction
    • Sequence homology searching and alignment
    • Motif discovery, protein classification and protein function prediction
    • Phylogenetic reconstruction
  • Recent projects:

Contact: Peter Ashton

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Lab Head

Dr Peter Ashton

Technology Facility, Department of Biology
University of YorkWentworth WayYorkYO10 5DDUK 
Tel: 01904 328808



York User Information

Bioinformatics hardware related services

Rentable network disk space

The TF has multiple Linux fileservers with a total of 163 Tb of disk storage that users can rent space on. The rented space then appears as the users X drive under Windows. The area can also be accessed from UNIX and Apple environments.

Windows automatic data backup software

For a one-off fee of £25, the MirrorFolder software can be provided which can automatically keep a mirror of locally stored laptop/PC data onto a network drive such as the Technology Facility file server X drive. The software can also be used to keep identical folders on a PC and laptop synchronized while keeping a backup copy on a network drive.

PC (Windows or Linux) classroom with data projector

The B102A classroom has a suite of 28 PCs that can be booted into either Windows or Linux. The main teaching area has 24 PCs with one demonstrator's PC which is linked to a high resolution (1280 x 1024) data projector. The classroom can be booked ​using Planon or by contacting the Biology reception.​

Web page hosting

The Technology Facility provides a web hosting service including provision of MySQL database engines.

Database hosting service

New or existing databases can be developed for users. Please come and talk to Stuart Priest in the first instance.

External ftp server

If you need to make available data on an FTP site, then the Technology Facility can provide the resources for this.

Access to the White Rose Computational Grid

For people needing specialist computational computing resources the University of York is a member of the White Rose Computational Grid.

ContactStuart Priest