We are a tight-knit, multidisciplinary team working closely with a number of expert groups at the University. 

We share lab space with Dr David Kent and Dr Allison Green and work closely with the groups of Dr James HewitsonDr Michael PlevinProfessor Paul Kaye and Professor Paul Genever. We also belong to the Immunology, Haematology and Infection research theme within the York Biomedical Research Institute (YBRI).

Explore the Hitchcock Lab team and our expertise below.

Professor Ian Hitchcock

DPhil University of York

BSc (Hons) University of York

Understanding the mechanisms of oncogenic driver mutations in MPN development; How does the endothelium regulate MPN-induced inflammation?; Understanding the causes of non-malignant haematological diseases.

Katherine Bridge
CFH Early Career Fellow and Associate Lab Member

PhD University of Nottingham

BSc (Hons) University of Nottingham

Understanding HIF signalling in Haematopoietic Stem Cells. 

Bianca Rodrigues Lima Ferreira

PhD Federal University of Sao Paulo

MSc Federal University of Sao Paulo

BSc Federal University of Sao Paulo 


David Kealy

PhD University of Leeds

BSc (Hons) University of York



PhD Lund University/KU Leuven

BSc University of Tehran

Julie Tucker

DPhil University of Oxford

BSc (Hons) University of York

Applying structural biology and biophysical techniques to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying signalling through MPL in health and disease.
Joanna Greenman
Joint with Hewitson Lab
MBiol University of Durham Mechanisms and functional consequences of platelet-macrophage cross-talk in type 2 immunity.
Lucie Moss

MRes University of Liverpool

BSc University of Liverpool

Megan Cosgrove PhD student
Katie Diggory (neƩ Dorman) PDRA
Oliver Herd PhD Student
Sophie James Research technician
Nicole McDermott Research technician
Hilary Prescott Research technician
K. Daniela Pulgar Prieto  Research technician
Gulab Rani PhD student
Jeanne Rivera PDRA
Lauren Roberts Research technician
Veena Sangkae PhD student
Tess Stanly PDRA
Andrew Stone PhD student
Emily Taylor PhD student, co-supervised by Mark Coles
Daniel Yee  PDRA