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Dr Emily Flack



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I teach in the areas of biochemistry, molecular biology and microbiology. I aim to create an environment which allows students to think critically about the topic that they are studying, the research they undertake and also the scientific information that they encounter in everyday life. 

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The modules which I am involved in teaching utilize my background in bacterial biochemistry, ranging from first year Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, to considering how prokaryotic transcriptional machinery can be utilized to our advantage in Genome Expression and Maintenance in year two. Alongside lectures, I deliver practical classes and problem-based workshops. These activities provide students with opportunities to check their understanding of lecture and practical material in an informal environment, surrounded by fellow students and staff.

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I offer lab based projects which allow students to research the biological roles of carbohydrates in pathogenic bacteria. Student projects will interlink with on-going larger pieces of active research. Projects will usually use a range of biochemical and microbiological techniques and likely the use of some analytical chemical techniques. I am keen for the direction of these projects to be guided by the interests of students.

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My tutorials focus broadly on the field of glycobiology, discussing the roles of carbohydrates in health and disease. Tutorials will often explore the tools and techniques that are being used to gain an understanding of this somewhat understudied group of biomolecules. I aim for tutorials to be interactive, with an emphasis on opportunities for students to develop transferable skills. I provide students with a choice for the format and focus of some sessions, so that students can engage with tutorials which are tailored to their interests. Examples of activities which students may participate in during these tutorials include delivering presentations, designing experiments, discussing primary literature and examining how science is reported by the media. 

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Dr Emily Flack
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