Research Centres and Units

The department of biology hosts a number of internationally recognised research centres and units that gather groups of experts to focus on specific areas of biological research.

CNAP Centre for Novel Agricultural Products Centre for Novel Agricultural Products (CNAP) is an award winning research centre focused on development of plants and microbes as green factories. Research foci include industrial biotechnology, second generation biofuels, pharmaceuticals and phytoremediation.
Centre for Immunology and Infection CII

York Biomedical Research Institute is a joint research centre created by the Hull York Medical School and the Department of Biology that integrates basic research for development of new approaches to prevention and treatment of infection and disease.

York Environmental Sustainability Institute (YESI) York Environmental Sustainability Institute supports delivery of innovative interdisciplinary research on environmental sustainability across the University.  Led by Professor Sue Hartley, YESI aims to provide the evidence base for sustainable solutions to global environmental problems.
Biorenewables Development Centre BDC Biorenewables Development Centre is a not-for-profit company which provides industry with new processes to convert plants and biowastes into high value products. Focused on business needs, it bridges the gap between laboratory development and commercial manufacture.
Jack Birch Unit for Molecular Carcinogenisis

Jack Birch Unit for Molecular Carcinogenesis is a centre of excellence in research on the specialised lining of the bladder wall, the urothelium. Led by Professor Jenny Southgate, the Unit’s main focus is bladder cancer which is little studied despite being the fifth most common adult human cancer.

cancer cells thumbnail

The Cancer Research Unit specialises in studying prostate and cervical cancer using many different techniques and approaches with the aim of contributing to successful treatment strategies. Led by Professor Norman J Maitland the Unit designs strategies for targeting and delivery of gene therapies.

York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis (YCSSA) York Centre for Complex Systems Analysis (YCCSA) is an interdisciplinary community of researchers developing novel mathematical, computational and analytical methods and tools for analysis and modelling of complex systems.
StarCar-lake-view-reconstruction Centre for Human Palaeoecology & Evolutionary Origins (Palaeo) is an interdisciplinary research centre bringing together expertise in evolutionary anatomy, ancient DNA, biodiversity, psychology, palaeoenvironmental studies, prehistory and geochronology.