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Dr Lisa M Miller

Associate Lecturer

Teaching, tutorials and projects

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I deliver research-led teaching, which allows me to share my current research into detecting antibiotic resistance with the students in the form of tutorials and lab-based projects. I am a highly interdisciplinary researcher, working across the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Electronic Engineering. I aim to inspire students to embrace interdisciplinarity and to pursue their scientific interests. My goal is to encourage students to think critically and logically about problems, and to be creative in finding solutions.

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In my tutorials we take a look into the area of biosensors. I aim to inspire students as we explore exciting examples of cutting edge research. We discuss biosensors that made the media and key examples from the scientific literature. I provide students with a window into the world of research as we discuss biosensor research, as well as the general aspects of academic research. I aim to make tutorials engaging and allow students to develop important skills, including communication and critical analysis.

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My projects are based on the development of novel biosensors to detect important biomarkers of disease. For example, lateral flow assays (LFAs), which are a fast and effective method of detecting analytes. My current projects are aimed at developing LFAs using aptamers (single stranded DNA oligomers), which are more cost-effective, readily available, and have improved stability over the antibody alternatives. These projects are lab-based and require students to apply their problem-solving skills in the development of new tests. I work with the students to design their project and provide an opportunity to target biomarkers of their own choosing. Techniques include: working with gold nanoparticles, UV-vis analysis, buffer optimisation, LFA building and running, oligo/aptamer handling, and assay development.

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Dr Lisa M Miller
Associate Lecturer
Department of Biology
University of York
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