CANCELLED (Geodermatophilales, an order of successful survivors)

Tuesday 21 January 2020, 1.00PM

Speaker(s): Dr Maria Del Carmen Montero-Calasanz, University of Newcastle

The bacterial order Geodermatophilales comprises actinomycetes frequently inhabiting stone surfaces and interiors and bulk  and degraded soils but representatives are also found in marine sediments, associated to plant rhizosphere and even as plant endophytes. Culture-independent studies have already highlighted the high diversity and frequent predominance of representatives of the order in such ecosystems where it is believed that they play a key role in biogeochemical cycles. Studies focused on their diversity, functional genomics and biotechnological potential are still scarce, nevertheless in recent years the number of novel species affiliated to this order has rapidly increased thanks to optimisation of isolation and culturing techniques and inclusion of those into the Genomic Encyclopedia of Bacteria and Archaea (GEBA) project. It has opened a door leading to a more coherent phylogenetic rearrangement of the order and a deeper understanding of adaptation and tolerance mechanisms of Geodermatophilales to arid and degraded ecosystems as well as its potential as natural compounds producers and plant-growth promoters. 


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Location: Dianna Bowles Lecture Theatre (B/K/018)

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