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Earth observation and modelling of marine ecosystems - some recent developments and opportunities

Wednesday 15 January 2020, 1.00PM to 2.00pm

Speaker(s): Dr. Shovonlal Roy, University of Reading

This presentation will deal with my ongoing research on applications of Earth Observation for modelling of marine ecosystems. Satellite remote sensing has made it possible to obtain quantitative information on various aspects of oceanic ecosystems on a global scale. These development help testing the performance of advanced ocean biogeochemical models which differ in terms of the number of state variables representing different types of primary producers and grazers. Moreover, bio-optical modelling using satellite remote sensing of ocean colour can improve assessment of autotrophic biomass and biodiversity and the stocks of biological carbon in the ocean. Some recent results will be presented to compare the ocean biogeochemical models with novel satellite-derived information, and to show ways to improve the present modelling framework using an ensemble modelling approach. Further, a specific application of the new ocean-colour products to model spatial distribution of marine fish will be shown. Some potential future opportunities will be discussed.

Please note the change from earlier venue.

Location: Topos Room, Department of Mathematics, Campus West