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Identifiability for biology, chemistry and ecology: Getting more information out of fewer experiments and an open conjecture relating to mappings between ODEs

Wednesday 29 January 2020, 1.00PM to 2.00pm

Speaker(s): Harold Moyse, University of Warwick

This seminar will introduce the topic of identifiability – and its use in designing better experiments and obtaining more useful data. It will give simple examples of the key concepts as well as the narrative of how my work in Identifiability lead to more useful results for antibody and kidney medicine; as well as similar results elsewhere.

It will briefly deal with my own work on identifiability in the abstract – involving limits and computational differential algebra. Finally I will be presenting a simple conjecture, which emerged from my work in Identifiability, which will only require an undergraduate level of understanding of ODEs, matrices and mappings to understand, but if proved, I believe, would completely shift the development of the field of Identifiability.

This work may primarily appeal to:

- People who do experiments, model experiments, or work with those that do.
- Mathematicians with an interest in matrices, mappings or ODEs

Location: B/M/052, Biology, Campus West