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Leukaemia Stem Cells: To seek and destroy

Friday 7 February 2020, 1.00PM

Speaker(s): Dr Alice Guistacchini

Molecular and cytotoxic therapies in cancer can often induce remission without achieving a complete disease eradication, potentially resulting in relapse. A better understanding of cell to cell heterogeneity in cancer is crucial for the development of effective therapeutic strategies. By developing a method that allows for simultane­ous single-cell RNA sequencing and high-sensitivity targeted muta­tion detection we have shown that Myeloid Leukaemia stem cells display a high degree of heterogeneity, with cells carrying a distinct transcriptomic signature of “therapy-resistance” being progressively enriched with treatment. I will discuss the approaches that we are undertaking toward the early detection of therapy-resistance events in myeloid leukaemia and the development and refinement of therapeutic strategies targeting leukaemia stem cells.

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Location: Dianna Bowles Lecture Theatre, B/K/018