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Phylogenomic insights into the molecular basis of the variable risk to food safety of Salmonella pathovariants

Thursday 20 June 2019, 1.00PM

Speaker(s): Professor Ron Kingsley, Quadram Institute

Research in my group combines bioinformatics, genomics, molecular microbiology and models of infection to investigate the evolution of interactions between pathogens, the environment and the host. 

We investigate the genomic diversity of bacterial pathogens with a primary focus on Salmonella, to understand function and evolutionary history of genes important to disease, transmission, drug resistance and phage sensitivity, and to track pathogens in hosts and in the food chain. These analyses generate hypotheses that we test using classical molecular genetics, microbiology and models of infection. 

This talk will focus on how Salmonella evolves to enter newly emerged niche, and how epidemic clones evolve during clonal expansion. The long-term objective is to use this insight to rationally design intervention strategies, and improve surveillance and risk assessment of foodborne pathogens.

Location: Dianna Bowles Lecture Theatre (K018)