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Bioscience Horizons prize 2016

Posted on 9 January 2017

Work recently published by York graduate Justin Byrne (Biology with a Year in Industry, 2015) has been awarded the Chair's Prize for the best Bioscience Horizons research paper of 2016.

The research, supervised by Dr Jon Pitchford (Biology/Mathematics) is a mathematical investigation into the community-scale costs and benefits of re-introducing species previously driven to local extinction. These re-introductions (sometimes called "re-wilding") are a hot topic in ecology and conservation in the UK and globally. Local examples range from the establishment of red kites in England and beavers in Scotland. Justin's work helps us understand the ecological consequences and sustainability of these actions.

Justin is currently studying a PhD in Ecology at the University of Newcastle.

Bioscience Horizons is an online journal, produced by a consortium of UK universities with support from Oxford University Press, which publishes the best of student research from around the world.