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Peter O'Toole wins award for video talk

Posted on 24 April 2017

An academic from the Department of Biology has been awarded a prestigious award for the People’s Choice Life Science Video of the Year by Select Science.

Dr Peter O’Toole, Director of the Bioscience Technology Facility, received the award for producing a video recording of an invited keynote talk at the European Molecular Biology Labs - 3D Electron Microscopy workshop and conference. The talk itself was sponsored by Carl Zeiss and was about light microscopy and how this is merging with electron microscopy and other technologies.

The talk given by Peter illustrated how researchers and manufacturers can work closely together in a collaborative manner that benefits both parties to increase the impact of their technology and research. The Department of Biology at the University of York is well placed within the Bioscience Technology Facility to embrace many collaborations and support both novel internal and external research. Peter’s talk included complimentary technology developments that have been driven by the department and brought about through collaborations with industrial partners.

Peter said: “Communication within science is rapidly changing. Whilst it is vital to disseminate proven findings through vigorous peer review, it is increasingly essential to communicate through all modes of communication - webinars, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. This creates the possibility of reaching many other scientists and an audience within the general public, to ensure that our findings have the greatest impact, and the need for future development is fully appreciated.”

The award was presented during the American Association for Cancer Research meeting in Washington DC. Peter pre-recorded an acceptance speech which is available on the Select Science website.