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University named as a member of the new EUBI UK Node

Posted on 3 November 2022

The University of York has been named as part of a new UK-wide multi-site imaging facility, known as the EUBI UK Node.

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Described as “a multi-sited, multi-modality national infrastructure covering biological imaging across scales and resolutions from cryoFIB-SEM to Spatial Transcriptomics, from MINFLUX to Mass Spec Imaging”, the node will be located across seven leading research institutions across the UK.


The Node will enable access to a wide range of advanced bioimaging techniques including correlative, multimodal, high-content and super-resolution microscopy. York itself offers a diverse range of high end microscopy technologies with expert support and this will further increase its open access profile and capabilities.

As well as access to imaging instruments, users can also benefit from expertise, training and data management services to complement those at their own institutions or among their collaboration partners.


Dr Peter O’Toole headed the team which secured the University’s place in the UK Node. He said: “We are delighted to become a member of EuroBioimaging and look forward to working with even more scientific groups from around the world.”

Other institutions are the Edinburgh Super-Resolution Imaging Consortium, the Francis Crick Institute, King’s College, London, the University of Liverpool, Octopus at Harwell and Oxford Brookes University.

The announcement comes shortly after ZEISS Microscopy named the University as a Zeiss Labs@Location.