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Scientists reveal how chemical that drives cats ‘crazy’ is produced

Posted on Tuesday 11 December 2018

Researchers have shown how catnip produces the chemicals that send cats into a state of frenzy.

Distinguishing fatal prostate cancer from ‘manageable’ cancer now possible

Posted on Thursday 18 October 2018

Scientists at the University of York have found a way of distinguishing between fatal prostate cancer and manageable cancer, which could reduce unnecessary surgeries and radiotherapy.

International collaboration to investigate global fungal spore dispersal

Posted on Tuesday 2 October 2018

Researchers from the Department of Biology have secured funding for an international collaboration project.

Scientists decode opium poppy genome

Posted on Thursday 30 August 2018

Scientists have determined the DNA code of the opium poppy genome, uncovering key steps in how the plant evolved to produce the pharmaceutical compounds used to make vital medicines.

Beluga whales and narwhals go through menopause

Posted on Tuesday 28 August 2018

A study involving researchers from the University of York has discovered that beluga whales and narwhals go through the menopause.