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Food for thought: environmentally friendly farming can increase productivity

Posted on Friday 17 August 2018

A major new study involving researchers from the University of York has measured a global shift towards more sustainable agricultural systems that provide environmental improvements at the same time as increases in food production.

BBSRC grants to strengthen partnerships in India

Posted on Thursday 9 August 2018

The Department of Biology is set to strengthen links in India, with two major research projects.

Seeing the light: Scientists unlock seed germination process

Posted on Thursday 9 August 2018

Scientists have identified a key gene that helps seeds decide whether to germinate.

Microclimates may provide wildlife with respite from climate change

Posted on Wednesday 25 July 2018

Sheltered pockets of cooler and more variable conditions in the British countryside may help native species of flora and fauna survive warming temperatures caused by climate change, researchers have found.

Research sheds light on immunological synapses

Posted on Friday 22 June 2018

Research from York academics has demonstrated a new method of analysing cellular images which gives greater value than classic methods.