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If you need help at any point during your studies, there is a wide variety of support available depending on your needs. The Department of Biology will be there to help you wherever possible, but there are lots of other people to get in contact with too.

Biology departmental support

Many people can help within the department. Your lecturers, teaching staff, supervisor, reception team, and Biology Student and Academic Services (SAS) can offer you lots of support with many different matters.

Our academic staff list will help you to find where or how to contact the relevant person.

You can also email us on

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Skills centre

The skills centre is an amazing tool to help you with any skills you feel like you may need to develop. Both the writing skills centre and the maths skills centre are available to all students and offer guidance, advice, and help on mathematical and writing related topics.

Our study skills page aims to help you learn how to study efficiently and effectively, allowing you to put your best skills and knowledge forward for your degree. Our library team also has lots of knowledge they can share, from running workshops to study guides. They will be able to help out with many things in your degree. This includes access to past exam papers, IT training, and use of high-end equipment in the creativity lab.

Disability support

There is a variety of support available for students with disabilities. This includes making campus and your timetable more accessible, setting up extra time for exams, and setting up a Student Support Plan (SSP). An SSP will detail how your disability may impact your learning and studies and help minimise the negative impact. This will then be shared with the department, so our staff can help you wherever you may need it.

Take a look at Ashleigh's blog as she shares her own experience.

As well as this, we have information on accessible travel, as well as a map of the department highlighting the location of stairs and lift access.

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International students

University life can be very different for home students and international students, which is why we have dedicated support for international students. They will be able to help with anything related to moving to York and your studies, and offer both self referral forms and drop-in sessions to offer support and advice.

Academic supervisors

At least twice in each semester, you will have meetings with your supervisor to see how you’re getting on. They have in-depth knowledge about the University, its structure, your degree, and what to do if you need any help with anything.

In order to get the most out of your supervision meetings, we advise you to ask questions, let them know what’s going on in your life, whether good or bad, and to use their knowledge to your advantage. For example, it may be worth discussing career ideas and module choices, as well as how to effectively utilise feedback.

Student hub

For any other issues, or if you’re not sure who to get in contact with, the student hub is ready to help you. The topics they can help with include, but are not limited to:

  • student finance
  • immigration information
  • private housing
  • faith and religion
  • employment rights. 

They’re also there to help every student, regardless of whether you’re a home or international student, if you study full or part time, and if you learn online/at a distance.

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