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Meet the team

Posted on 23 October 2020

The Jack Birch Unit is delighted to welcome new PhD, Masters by Research and 4th year integrated Masters students to the team.

Here's a little about our new students and their research:

Ryan Ellison (York Against Cancer PhD student)

'I'm Ryan, and I just started a 3 year PhD at the JBU. I studied Biochemistry at the University of Oxford for my undergrad, specialising in cell biology and the cell cycle for my Masters. My research interests are in cancer and regenerative medicine, specifically on research that can generate therapeutic outcomes for patients, so I think the JBU will be a great fit for me!
My project will investigate the role played by PPAR-gamma in driving cell survival and proliferation in bladder cancer, and also look for the involvement of Src kinase in bladder cancer and if it is implicated in invasion into the underlying muscle and further metastasis.'

Ben Jarvis (Masters by Research)

'I'm Ben and I just started my MSc by Research at the JBU. I studied my Biology undergraduate degree at the University of York where, during my final year, I worked in the JBU on a project focusing on signaling pathways implicated in urothelial homeostasis (the balance between function and repair that enables urothelium to maintain a strong urinary barrier). As the research skills I gained during this time were invaluable to me and my interests lie with cancer cell biology, I thought there was nowhere better than the JBU to continue my research journey. Now that I am back for more, my project aims are to delve into the role of eicosanoid (fatty acid) signaling in the urothelium with implications in bladder cancer.'

Hannah Willis (4th year Integrated Masters)

'I’m Hannah and I have just started my 4th year of my Integrated Masters in Biomedical Sciences at the University of York. For my 4th year I have to undertake a Master’s Project and I have the pleasure of working in the JBU labs. I am very excited to be starting my project in the JBU, as I am eager to learn more about the areas of regenerative medicine and cancer. My project is focused on BMP signaling in wound-induced urothelial repair and assessing if there is a combinatorial role for TGFβ and BMP pathway regulation in urothelial regeneration.'