Accessibility statement

About the Society

The Biology Post-Doc Society aims to support all Post-Docs across the Department.

The society re-formed in October 2011 with the aim of making the lives of Post-Docs and anyone who interacts with us within the Department a little easier.

If you have any issues/ideas or questions concerning Post-Docs within Biology please contact us!

Our Terms of Reference can be viewed here: terms of reference Sept 2014 (MS Word , 23kb)


  • Organisation and facilitation of informative sessions on issues regarding Post-Docs’ careers, work and development (e.g. academic careers series, pension advice)
  • Facilitate integration and visibility of Post-Docs in the Department (e.g. buddy scheme, allocation of Post-Doc reps for departmental committees, addition of Post-Docs to staff webpage)
  • Organisation and facilitation of networking opportunities (e.g. Coffee & Pastries)

Events and schemes


  • Pension advice - Informal advice session with HR (Nov 2012), see useful links
  • Academic career series - academics give information on each of the career stages and advice on preparation for them
  • Other careers sessions
  • Lecturing series for Post-Docs 


  • Set-up and running of Post-Doc webpages (Jan 2012)
  • Buddy Scheme – new Post-Docs have the chance to meet another Post-Doc from the Department who knows the place for a little longer to help you getting around more easily (on demand)
  • Coffee & Pastries – free to all Post-Docs in the Department (currently sponsored by Promega), opportunity to network and share information (about 6 times per year)
  • Annual meetings - reporting on the past year, usually attended by the Head of Department and the Chair of the Biology Research Committee who are available to answer questions