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B‌iology Postdoc Society

Welcome to the web pages of the Biology Postdoc Society.

This society comprises all Biology and YSBL postdocs (Postdoctoral Research Associates PDRAs) and is organised by a committee of postdocs.

The aims of the society are to

  • provide help and guidance and a ‘friendly ear’ to all postdocs
  • improve communication, collaboration and social interaction between postdocs
  • be a link between the postdoc Community and the rest of the Department.

How to get in touch with us

Email or contact any committee member.

New to the department?

Contact us if you would like to meet a post-doc buddy for a coffee and a chat.

Upcoming events: 

1) Coffee and Pastries - March event POSTPONED

Come join us for tea, coffee and treats. You can drop-in whenever, fit it round experiments or wander in on your way from one place to another.
This edition of the coffee and pastries networking event is sponsored by Thermofisher.
So why not come along, say hi and take a much needed (and well deserved) break?
We are also looking for new commitee members and can talk you through the role and what is involved.

Latest News

  • Mentoring Scheme for Postdocs

    A reminder that a Mentoring Scheme for Postdocs is now running across the Univeristy. For more details, to apply or register your interest please see mentoring for research staff.

  • Biology Research Committee offers a limited number of research grants to post-doctoral researchers with at least one year of post-doctoral experience.

    The grants will provide a stipend for a penultimate year undergraduate summer student for up to 10 weeks, along with a modest consumables budget, to carry out a research project of the RA's devising and under the supervision of the RA. The aim of the scheme is to give RAs experience in grant applications, project management and supervision of staff, as well as to allow them to begin to develop an independent line of research. If you are interested in this scheme, contact your line manager who will be able to mentor you through the process as appropriate. The maximum amount that can be applied for is £3,500 which should include the student stipend of £220 per week.

    As part of the application, PIs must sign to say they are willing to have the student in their lab, under the supervision of the RA and working on a project of the RA's devising.

    See departmental communication for application deadline, usually around March.

    Read more about the Department of Biology summer scheme for research associates.