All Sorvall and Beckman, high-speed and ultra centrifuges are serviced annually.

A full service includes:

  • cleaning
  • instrument calibration and performance according to the manufacturer
  • rotor and chamber integrity check

Servicing, repairs and parts are paid for by the Department.

The service contract is held by Centriservices.

Faults and Repairs

Any faults or repairs should be reported to the Infrastructure team immediately


You must be trained and your name added to the authorised users list before operating any of the departmental centrifuges

Please contact the Infrastructure team for training

Booking Centrifuges

An online booking system is in place; this is used along with Log Sheets for cross charging of the service

Further details on location of centrifuges, rotors available and cross charging can also be found in the online booking system


Please switch off equipment when not in use