Accessibility statement

Fire Sweepers    

Student Teaching Practicals

  • The Academic in charge of a practical class is responsible for co-ordinating the safe evacuation of students from their practical classes in the event of an emergency alarm (consistent with their existing responsibility for safe evacuation of students from lecture theatres). 
  • Teaching Lab Technicians cannot be guaranteed to be present during an emergency evacuation event.  If present, they will assist in the evacuation of students from the practical class.
  • If the academic in charge leaves the practical class they will hand over responsibility to another person e.g. Lab Technician or Demonstrator
  • Students should be safely evacuated from the practical class by instructing them to leave by the nearest and safest emergency exits and to congregate at the nearest fire assembly point(s): R & T Blocks is FAP 12 at the back of T block

Fire Warden

  • The Fire Warden acts as a point of contact for departmental staff with fire safety issues.
  • Contact Sylvia Haddock