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Year in Industry

What is it and why do it?

  • It is a four or five year degree programme which includes a year (your third year of study) being spent on industrial placement
  • It is a unique opportunity to gain first hand research experience in the laboratories of an industrial or research institute employer
  • You will find out how research is conducted, planned and financed in major institutions and you will become part of an operational research laboratory
  • It will help you gain self-confidence and a sense of responsibility in a structured work environment
  • It will provide you with experience relevant to your final year project work and increase your employability
  • It is not uncommon for students to be offered employment or PhD places, after graduation, within the host organisation

We place students with a wide range of industrial employers and research institutes, a few examples are: 


Searching for a Placement

Summer term of your first year

  • Make sure you attend the talk on the placement scheme - it will be on your timetable.
  • We strongly recommend that you attend the Biology careers fair. 
  • Attend the CV-Writing session - it will be on your timetable.
  • Attend the Mock Interview Session - it will be on your timetable.
  • Prepare a CV and cover letter and e-mail them to

Autumn/Spring term of your second year

  • Check with Biology student services for deadlines for placements that interest you. All deadlines will be added to a dedicated google calendar
  • We will put all Job Descriptions, and lots of other useful information on the Year in Industry VLE site. Please check the Year In Industry VLE site regularly as placement opportunities are regularly posted on the site. 
  • Attend all of the employer talks, and information sessions provided by staff. 
  • Remember to check your email on a daily basis - the office will email you regular updates on placement opportunities and companies you have applied to may contact you with interview details by email.

Summer term of your second year

  • Make sure you attend the farewell meeting - this will be on your timetable and have completed all the relevent paperwork for your placement year.
  • Ensure you have provided the office with a copy of your contract either as a paper copy or as an email attachment sent to

Whilst away on placement

Contact Details/First Impressions

Now that you have found a great placement, you will be away from York for a year. As such we need to keep in touch with you whilst you are away and we have mechanisms in place to do this including:

Project Information

Information on how to construct your project can be found on the Biology VLE site under the heading of 'Biology year away'

Submitting your project report

All information on how to submit your project can be found on the Biology VLE and in your departure booklet. 


You are required to submit an electronic copy of your report to the VLE. Further information, including the report deadline, can be found on the VLE.

Failure to submit your projects by the stated deadline will result in penalties being applied.

Information on projects can be found on the Biology project website.  

Key Contacts

The scheme is organised by Dr Richard Maguire and Phil Lang 

For organisational and administrative queries please contact