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Programme Executive Committee

The Programme Executive Committee (PEC) is responsible for the day-to-day running of the CIDCATS programme. The PEC reports to the Boards of Studies or Graduate School Boards of the partner Departments. The mentors of first year students have been chosen from the PEC to ensure that they have a suitable familiarity with the programme.

Programme DirectorProfessor Paul Kaye (HYMS/Biology/CII)

Programme Director: Professor Jon Timmis (Computer Science/Electronics)

Programme Manager: Dr Leo Caves (Biology/YCCSA)

Dr Fred Antson (Chemistry/YSBL)

Dr Dimitris Lagos (HYMS/Biology/CII)

Dr Betsy Pownall (Biology)

Dr Jamie Wood (Maths/Biology/YCCSA)

Dr Marjan van der Woude (HYMS/Biology/CII)

Dr Roddy Vann (Physics)

Mrs Julie Knox (Biology Graduate School)