CNAP - Centre for Novel Agricultural Products


PhD by research
CNAP is committed to training young researchers in its multi-disciplinary environment. Postgraduates studying within CNAP for their PhD programme are supported by a wide range of sponsors.  

As part of the Department of Biology, graduates in CNAP undertake a programme of research, guided by their supervisor and a training panel consisting of an additional two academics with relevant expertise.  There is a formal requirement for a range of activities, including taught courses on transferable skills and generic technologies.  All graduates have access to the Departmental Technology Facility, ensuring training in new technologies in biological science.
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Independent Research Fellows

CNAP has hosted a number of independent Research Fellows developing their own research interests, funded by competitive awards from the BBSRC, The Royal Society and Fellowships from Germany, Austria and the United States.

If you wish to consider CNAP as a host for your fellowship, please contact the CNAP Director. 

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BBSRC fellowships
Royal Society fellowships


Latest News

Poppy genome decoded DNA code of the opium poppy genome determined.

Poppy (x70)

Strengthening links with India: 2 major new research projects Funding secured by CNAP PIs.

Oilseed rape

Seeing the light: unlocking seed germination Key gene identified.


GINs to improve UK crops! Agri-Tech Strategy funding award for Ian Bancroft led OREGIN Network.


Potential for strengthening natural plant defence to reduce crop waste Research by Katherine Denby and team with colleagues at Warwick published in ACS Synthetic Biology.


CNAP Director, Professor Simon McQueen-Mason

CNAP Manager, Dr Caroline Calvert

CNAP, Department of Biology, University of York, Wentworth Way, York YO10 5DD, UK