How can we improve the assurance of autonomous vehicles by adapting current engineering processes and technical analysis of first generation autonomous systems?


The overall aim of the project is to improve the assurance of autonomous systems. It will do so by first addressing the assurance of the first generation of autonomous systems that are currently being deployed. It will in addition undertake research, based on detailed knowledge of the technologies being used and access to real systems, on how the existing approaches for assurance need to change to address current and future autonomous systems. The assurance approach is based on an analysis of engineering processes and technical analysis of the product, and will address resilience, formal verification, and integrity static analysis and security aspects.

The outputs of the project will be captured in public domain deliverables and input to standards and policy-making bodies. The proposed project will take on and provide a cross-sector and international perspective. It is a partnership between Adelard LLP, a specialist safety and security consultancy, and suppliers and leaders in the Japanese automotive industry who have deployed numerous autonomous systems, and will continue to plan, develop, and deploy further ones. There will be links to academic institutions through the involvement of City University in London, the University of Nagoya, and Kanagawa University.

Project progress

The TIGARS project started with joint a UK-Japan workshop where progress was made on: 

  • identifying assurance gaps in an experimental vehicle
  • setting up experimental facilities
  • developing experimental and theoretic approaches to static analysis and dynamic assurance

The team have since been undertaking experimental research with a donkey car platform, and have been undertaking research to address some of the assurance challenges with autonomous road vehicles that they have identified. They have started experimental trials with a TEV, advanced their static and dynamic analysis of learning systems research and continued activity in both the national and international standardisation area.

In July 2019 Witz hosted an industry event on mobility as a service (MaaS) ESTIC2019 in Tokyo and several members of the TIGARS project presented at the event. In the project's last phase, the team will be concluding their research studies and the analysis of data from experimental trials. They also have two project workshops and the regulatory workshops.


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Project team