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Warren Fearn

PhD by Creative Practice



How can Augmented Reality help bridge the gap between classroom and remote science learning for Primary Schools?

The aim of this project is to explore how Augmented Reality (AR) can be used in a
supporting role to address challenges facing primary science education. In particular,
the project will explore AR’s ability to overlay relevant digital information into a student’s home environment can bridge the gap between classroom and remote school science learning (eg homework, outside). The project will explore using design methodologies that take advantage of AR’s specific qualities as a medium, while remaining practical in the context of primary science education.



Warren began his career as a ‘Virtual Set Designer’ developing 3D virtual environments for television – this included working on the first children’s interactive television programme, BamZooki. Overtime, he transferred into the BBC 3DFX department concentrating on 3D motion graphics and art direction while achieving several PROMAX awards and nominated for an Emmy Award. After several years, he set up his own 3D creative company (WAK Studios) working on commercials and visualisations for companies such as WWF, SKY, FELLOWES, NHS and many more. During this period, he established WAK Educate working alongside education to teach both primary and secondary schools new forms of 3D technologies and served as a Member of the Secondary School Education Panel for Autodesk producing online STEAM curriculum for schools in the USA and UK. Warren now lectures at York St John University and is the programme leader for all postgraduate design courses.


Research Interests

Augmented Reality, Education, STEAM, Remote Learning

2019 - Literature Review based on 'How can Augmented Reality help bridge the gap between classroom and outside science learning for Primary Schools at Key Stage 2?

External Activity

External Activity

HEA Fellowship - 2013
WAK EDUCATE - Outstanding Business Partner Award New Deal 4 Learning 2011
WAK STUDIOS - Chamber Awards (Innovation Award Finalist) Doncaster Chambers 2010
WAK STUDIOS - Chamber Awards (Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist) Doncaster Chambers 2010
WAK STUDIOS - Chamber Awards (Entrepreneur of the Year Award Finalist) Doncaster Chambers 2009
WAK EDUCATE - National Schools Film and Animation Award Winner National Schools Awards 2009
WORLD WILDLIFE FUND - Finalist in Commercial Category, Bradford Animation Festival, Bradford Animation Festival 2008
WAK STUDIOS - Business Success Award (Best Start Up) Business Link 2007
POISON - Merit Award for Special Effects and Animation International Wildlife Film Festival, Missoula 2002
CBEEBIES - Silver Award Promax Awards 2002
BBC RESOURCES DVD - Silver Award Promax Awards 2001
RAGE TO REVENGE - Gold Award Australian Effects Festival 2001
POISON - Silver Medal for Best Special Effects / Bronze Medal for Best Animation, Special Effects New York Festival 2001 (nominated for an Emmy Award)



  • 2017 UNLTD Funding for new Social Enterprise (AR for kids) - £3,500 Funding to help support an enterprise to educate young people in the creative processes of making 3D Augmented Reality Content.

    2014 Yorkshire Innovation Fund - £7,000 Working in partnership with Stuart Jones Furniture and a postgraduate student to help redesign a new range of bedroom furniture.

    2014 Yorkshire Innovation Fund - £10,000 A collaborative project between BlackRidge Technologies, Student Partnerships and YSJ Design for the development an AR Campus experience.

    2012 – Published article, Imagine Magazine - ‘3D Technologies for the Young People’.

    2011 Developing Salford Bright Smiles Dental Health Campaign - £5,000 Working in partnership with Dr Lucy O’Malley from Salford University to conceptualise, animate and storytelling around teaching young people the importance on how to brush their teeth.

    2011 New Deal for Communities - £11,031 Funding for new resources to help diversify into areas of AR and stereoscopic technologies.

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Warren Fearn
PhD by Creative Practice
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