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Jonathan Eato: Media Page

A Collection of Small Choices

This is the test audio for the 'SmallChoices' app, a piece I made with Hannah Bruce and Company for Hoxton Hall. It features Helen Longworth (voice), Simon Goulding (bass), Victoria Bernath (viola), Dharambir Singh (sitar), and Adam Glasser (harmonica).

Some Reflections

A trailer for 'Some Reflections', a piece made for Max Gate National Trust property (the home of Emma and Thomas Hardy) with Hannah Bruce and Company. I was responsible for sound design and musical composition.

The Look of the Thing: playlist

'The Look of the Thing' is a site-responsive work made by Hannah Bruce and Company that was adapted for a number of different venues across the UK. The playlist above features sections of the soundtrack as made for Wilton's Music Hall (London), central Hackney (London), Northern Stage (Newcastle), and Shoreditch Town Hall (London).