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Designing Research


Module leader: Jessica Hendy


In the previous term you were shown how to 'do' research - you were given a research design and were tasked with working on data and writing up the analysis. Now you understand what a research design looks like (and what that leads to), it is now your turn to write your own research design for your dissertation topic. This is a really important skill, not only if you decide to carry on with research in academia, but also for many types of jobs where you have to plan ahead and create objectives.  In addition, you will be given all sorts of advice and top tips on how to achieve a successful dissertation.


This module aims to provide preparation for independent research by guiding students in the development of a research design for their dissertations.

Learning outcomes

By the end of this module, students should be able to:

  • Formulate an achievable research question
  • Construct a bibliography related to the research question
  • Set out the methods required to carry out the research
  • Identify and locate appropriate sources of information and data
  • Recognise the possible ethical implications of undertaking research
  • Analyse and synthesise a range of published literature, through the production of a detailed literature review
  • Plan time effectively


This mdule is important because not only does it help you start to research and write a dissertation but it helps you prepare for life after University, when you will often have to draw upon the skills you are developing here. The transferable skills which you will gain from this module will be useful to highlight on your CV and in job interviews, and they will serve you well in the workplace, regardless of your eventual career. They include:

  • research and planning (creating ideas, identifying problems, gathering information, solving problems, setting goals, extracting important information, analysing, developing evaluation strategies)
  • work survival (implementing decisions, being punctual, managing time, attending to detail, meeting goals, enlisting help, accepting responsibility, setting and meeting deadlines, organising, making decisions)

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