Second year modules


In the second year, you begin to specialize in your chosen discipline by choosing option courses. In the first term, you will take World Archaeology, in which you can choose an option that interests you, regardless of your course.  The Practical Skills and Team Project modules in the spring and summer terms are linked, and again are open for you to choose regardless of course, although some are more appropriate for BA or BSc courses.

All BAs in Historical Archaeology will take Themes in Historical Archaeology, but the other courses may choose their Themes course dependent on their time-period interests.  The Themes course runs throughout the second year.

The Research Skills module also runs the whole year and this module will prepare you with the specific skills you will need to carry out independent research on your dissertation, as well as helping you focus in on a research topic. It will also teach you a range of skills (from time management, to computing applications, to writing a CV and presenting a pitch) that will be of use in your future careers. You will be divided into workshop groups according to your degree programme.

Please note: Not all options listed here for World Archaeology and Practical Skills will be available every year, and we develop new modules periodically as well. However, we always aim to provide a broad range of options for students to choose from, and these give you an idea of the breadth of topics which we cover.

World Archaeology I (lectures)

Practical skills (lectures and practicals)

Team project (workshops and independent study)

Themes in Archaeology (lectures and seminars)

Research skills (lectures, seminars, and workshops)

Elective modules

  • Some students choose to take an elective module from another department during their second year, which would replace World Archaeology. The list of available modules is subject to the other department's availability, and the elective must be approved by both departments. If you are interested in taking an elective, it can be discussed with your personal supervisor.

Study abroad

  • Some of our students choose to study abroad during their second year. In 2018/19 we sent students to exchanges to Denmark and Sweden and other worldwide prgrammes. For more information, see the Global opportunities page.
Valletta (Malta) - Regeneration at the heart of a World Heritage Site

There is a wide range of modules to choose from in second and third year, ranging from buildings history and the archaeology of the contemporary past to debates in archaeological science and human evolution. The variety of options really demonstrates the extent of the departmental staff's expertise.

Anna, BA Historical Archaeology