Accessibility statement

Your three years

All of our students follow one of five single-subject courses, all housed within the Department of Archaeology - either the BA or BSc in Archaeology, the BSc in Bioarchaeology, the BA in Historical Archaeology, or the BA in Archaeology and Heritage.

These five courses follow essentially the same programme of study, but differ in the options that are taken at different stages from the beginning of the second year onwards, and in the topic of the dissertation that is submitted in the final year.

Here is an outline of modules in each year from which students choose period- and course-specific options.

 Autumn TermSpring TermSummer Term
Year 1

Prehistory to the Present

Accessing Archaeology

Field Archaeology

Autumn modules assessment

History and Theory

Introduction to Archaeological Science

Field Archaeology

Spring modules assessment

Heritage project

Year 2

Themes in Prehistory (early time periods)
Themes in Historical Archaeology  (early time periods)

World Archaeology I (for options, see 'Y2' in left-hand menu)

Communicating Archaeology

World Archaeology assessment

Themes in Prehistory  (later time periods)
Themes in Historical Archaeology (later time periods)

Practical skills - (for options, see 'Y2' in left-hand menu)

Researching Archaeology

Themes assessment

Team project

Designing Research

Year 3

Special Topics - (for options, see 'Y3' in left-hand menu)


World Archaeology II

Special Topic assessment

Assessed Seminars - (for options, see 'Y3' in left-hand menu)


Dissertation submission

Assessed Seminars

Assessed Lecture