Skills for life


All of our BA and BSc courses are designed to introduce you to the full range of academic and practical aspects of the discipline, should you wish to carry on in archaeology, heritage, or historical education. However, these skills will also to enable you to use your degree to take you to the next stage of your life, and whatever career path you choose.

Archaeology is an excellent subject for acquiring transferable skills which are highly valued by employers, regardless of your eventual career. Beyond what archaeology teaches you about the past and its significance in the present, all of our degrees allow you to develop skills in the arts and humanities, social sciences and hard sciences alike.

A degree in archaeology provides you with the subject knowledge required to pursue a career in the heritage industry. Our graduates are well represented in many organisations concerned with archaeology and heritage in the UK, such as Historic England, English Heritage, Historic Scotland, the National Trust, York Archaeological Trust, National Parks and the Oxford Archaeology Unit.

Through studying archaeology you will also gain other valuable skills, such as how to communicate your ideas effectively, carry out independent research, give professional presentations and think critically. You will also gain extensive experience in IT, teamwork, leadership and project management.


The mix of analytical science and anthropological and theoretical elements develop your ability to do everything form making sense of complex statistics to giving lectures to your peers and professors. I use the presentation, communication, teamwork and essay skills I learned every day, and they are key to my career. My other friends from the course work in areas as diverse as heritage, law, planning and accountancy. This is a testament to how well this degree equips you for professional life.

Tom Otter, Commercial Litigation, Stewarts Law LLP, London, BA Archaeology 2007