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Careers and employability

Where will your degree take you?

A degree in archaeology can take you down many career paths. Many of our graduates stay in the heritage sector, with careers in commercial or public archaeology, heritage or museums. We are also proud of our record of students who want to stay in research and take a further degree.

For those who want to move on, an archaeology degree offers transferable skills in the arts and humanities, social and natural sciences that are highly valued by employers across all sectors.  Graduates of our archaeology degrees have progressed into rewarding careers in business, administration, the public sector, legal, financial and education sectors.

Supporting employability during your time at York

We encourage our students to think about their career long before they graduate. As well as an impressive degree, there are many services and opportunities at York to build on your skills and experiences to ensure you really stand out from the crowd. These include:

Florence Laino, BA Historical Archaeology

Archaeology consultant, L-P Archaeology

I have gained employment with L-P Archaeology, a commercial archaeological company based in London. I love the diversity of the work it brings to me each day...I can say with confidence that my good fortune in this regard has been as a direct result of both the academic staff who have invested personally in my professional development, and the overall ethos of a department that is strongly supportive of student activities.

Graduate destinations

See some of the career paths taken by graduates from our programmes

Tom Otter, BA Archaeology 2007

Commercial Litigation, Stewarts Law LLP, London

The mix of analytical science and anthropological and theoretical elements develop your ability to do everything from making sense of complex statistics to giving lectures to your peers and professors. I use the presentation, communication, teamwork and essay skills I learned every day, and they are key to my career. My other friends from the course work in areas as diverse as heritage, law, planning and accountancy. This is a testament to how well this degree equips you for professional life.