Our graduates and their careers

Skills that I developed during my course have been crucial in the years that I worked in professional archaeology and, to this day, in my work outside of archaeology.

Richard Short, Assistant Director, UK Border Agency, BA Archaeology 1994

A degree in archaeology can take you down a variety of career paths. It is just as relevant if you want to work in commercial or public archaeology, heritage or museum bodies, or if you want to stay in research and take a further degree. If you want to move away from archaeology, such as into the business, administration, public service, IT, legal, financial, or education sectors, employers regard the skills developed during an archaeology degree as highly desirable.

Our courses will teach you transferable knowledge and techniques and we aim to provide all our students with the necessary skills to enable them to excel in their future careers.

Archaeology Department graduates have gone on to work in a wide range of careers and with a number of employers both inside and outside the archaeology and heritage sectors.

Richard Short, Assistant director, UK Border Agency

Keri Rowsell, Postgraduate student

Rebecca Morris, Finds Liaison Officer, Portable Antiquities Scheme

greg jenner 225x100 profile pic 2

Greg Jenner, Media consultant and filmmaker (Horrible Histories)

Klara Spandl, Head of Heritage Management Services, Oxford Archaeology

Felicity Hemlin, Pupil barrister, Park Court Chambers, Leeds