Kristine Korzow Richter

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I am a Marie SkÅ‚odowska-Curie Global Fellow working at the University of York on proteomics of archaeological fish remains in Matthew Collins's lab.  I received my PhD in biology and astrobiology from Penn State University under Dr. Beth Shapiro working with ancient DNA preservation in a wide range of contexts.  I am firmly invested in interdisciplinary work and regularly work with people in geoscience, astrobiology, biology, chemistry, and archaeology.

I am interested in preservation of biomolecules in the archaeological record, use of animals by historic and prehistoric populations, and the use of the archeological record to inform current animal protection and conservation management strategies. 

My current project aims to use collagen sequences to aid in fish bone identification in the archaeological record to reconstruct ancient diet and fishing (or fish farming) methods.  I am also part of a broader team working on ancient fish remains across the globe creating a method to reconstruct the dynamics of ancient and historic fish populations to inform current conservation and management practices of commercially important fishing stocks.



Selected publications

Selected publications:

-KK Richter, J Wilson, AKG Jones, M Buckley, N van Doorn, and MJ Collins. (2011). Fish 'n chips: ZooMS peptide mass fingerprinting in a 96 well plate format to identify fish bone fragments. Journal of Archaeological Science38(7): 1502-1510.

-MJ Collins, J Harland, O Craig, K Korzow Richter, N van Doorn N, and C Trueman. (2011). What use are old fish bones in helping to understand the history of marine animal populations? In Gertwagen R., Fortibuoni T., Giovanardi O., Libralato S., Solidoro C. and Raicevich S. (Eds.) HMAP International Summer School When Humanities Meet Ecology: Historic changes in Mediterranean and Black Sea marine biodiversity and ecosystems since the Roman period until nowadays.Languages,methodologies and perspectives (pp. 61-72). Rome: Istituto Superiore per la Protezione e la Ricerca Ambientale.

-Comparison of Extraction Methods for Low Biomass Samples. K. Korzow Richter, L Steinberg, T. Fulton, J. Macalady, B. Shapiro. Poster at 2010 ABASM Annual Meeting (Allegheny Branch of the American Society for Microbiology). November 2-5, 2010. Lock Haven University, Clearfield Campus, Clearfield, PA

-Detection of fish remains using ZooMS. H Koon, J Harland, K Korzow Richter, N van Doorn, J Wilson, MA Kirkpatrick, AKG Jones and MCollins. Poster at Fourth International Symposium on Biomolecular Archaeology. September 8-10, 2010. Copenhagen.




My areas of interest include:

  • Historic and prehistoric animal use
  • Historic ocean ecosystems
  • Human migration patterns
  • Astrobiology, specifically aspects of DNA and protein preservation and remote analysis


Newton International Fellow, British Academy (2015-2016)

NASA Space Grant Fellow (2010-2012)

Paul and Harriet Campbell Distinguished Graduate Fellow, Penn State (2009-2010)

Vagelos Scholar, University of Pennsylvania (2001-2006)



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Dr Kristine Korzow Richter
University of York
BioArCh, Environment Building
Wentworth Way
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Tel: (44) 1904 328559