Dr Matthew Meredith-Williams
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My research interests are in GIS and mapping, Landscape Archaeology and Geoarchaeology, with a specialism in the coastal archaeology, and food intensification in the Holocene. I am currently undertaking my second post-doc, a Marie Curie IOF at the University of Auckland, with a focus on GIS and Big-Data comparative research, on multiple sites from different regions using high-resolution datasets. I have been using this technique to address the development of food intensification during the Holocene. The two research areas this primariy focuses on are in the Red Sea (the sites on which I undertook my PhD and first post-doc), and in Weipa, Australia; both experience extremes in climate, the former arid, the latter tropical. By comparing the two I hope to be able to control from taphonomy and identify commonalities in the formation processes at work between the sites. This will allow a bottom up approach, reconstructing the archaeological landscape from the micro-scale upwards, rather than top down as is often the case. This neccessitates multiple replciates; I have excavated over 20 sites in the Red Sea as part of the DISPERSE Project team, and I have excavated on the Weipa sites where my collaborators have dug upto 80 sites. A central tennet to this reserach is consistent methodology, allowing multiple replicates to be analysed against one another.


I have collaborated on a number of projects, and am currently involved in the Great Mercury Island project, looking at the geoarchaeology of early Maori sites.


I also take part in underwater landscape archaeology, lately being involved in the search for submerged palaeolithic sites in the southern Red Sea on the Greek research vessel the Agaeo. This utilised seismic geophysics to map and reconstruct the submerged landscape and investigate deposits for evidence of marine transgressions. Marine cores were recovered and are currently being analysed.


Before starting my PhD I worked for Museum of London Archaeology (formerly MoLAS) as a geoarchaeologist; my background is in Quaternary Science and geoarchaeology, which I studied at Cambridge; prior to this I studied physical geography at Leeds, specialising in GIS and geoarchaeology under the guidance of Jamie Woodward.

Matt Meredith-Williams

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